About Us

Welcome to Backroad Social Trade Company, where we believe “Life begins where the pavement ends!”

Everyone has a dream! Whether it’s to live on 5th Avenue in NYC (and we do love to visit), to live a simple life in a rural Arkansas town of 2,000 people, or anywhere in between.  Life’s about discovering where you want to be and diligently pursuing it. We are living out a dream through bringing you “Backroad Social”.

Come with us inside rural America where life slows down just a bit. Imagine a world where everyone you come in contact with is friendly, driving country roads while listening to music, and watching a beautiful sunset is a regular thing, and a stranger speaking to you on the street is the norm in a small tight-knit community full of people that genuinely care for others… This is where we live.

The name, Backroad Social, actually came to us on a weekend “country cruise” just outside the small Arkansas town we get to call home. We believe in driving “Backroads”, busy “Social” lives, and creating uniquely designed clothing as an expression of everyday life.  Backroad Social presents you with a great selection of high quality, comfortable wardrobe essentials that look and feel wonderful. We hope that our products bring a smile to your face while enriching the way you work, play, and live.

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